Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Introduction

This blog is about something not much talked about before. The RPG Alternity. My buddy and I started playing the Dark*Matter campaign setting with me as the DM.

Dark*Matter is a world based in present times, but with many strange Paranormal and other such happenings. Ghosts, UFO's, Bigfoot, you name it you got it.

The game I set up is based in 2009 Indianapolis. They work for the Hoffman Institute, an Institute run by aliens(the PC's don't know that) that keep things like this under control. If you may, you can call them like the MIB of Alternity. The problem is, THEY ARE NOT THE MEN IN BLACK!! They do not have rayguns, they do not have mind wiping things, and they certainly do still have REAL Identities. They also cannot slip they're way out of every little situation.

The main problem with this campaign is that I'm playing with two people. One is smart, gets the job done, but does really dumb stuff along the way. The other likes killing things and following the first guy around and doing what he says.

SO this campaign will turn out very...interesting for me, and involve a lot of dying.

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