Friday, August 17, 2012

The already the End. Part 1

The other day I started my campaign off by introducing the characters the group could play as. Some were ignored, some were fought over, and some were yelled about. Here they are;

Cop; Status: Under Arrest, awaiting for trial.

Thief; Status: In-Game, wanted by police.

Soldier; Status: Inactive

Doctor; Status: Inactive

Photographer; Status: Inactive

Diplomat/Parapsychologist; Status: Inactive

This week, the PC's picked characters, one picked the cop (of course the cop comes with a shotgun and a police cruiser), and the other picked the thief (comes with revolver and stolen 2001 Chevy). Their mission this week was to put a ghost at the old asylum to rest.

The adventure starts with this worlds version of Ghost Adventures, one of those fake ghost hunting shows. (Sorry to anybody who actually BELIEVED that those shows tell the truth) They call in saying they needed help with a REAL ghost. Of course the Hoffman Institute, has a whole different description of a ghost. So for the sake of role-playing, I called it an Entity.

The PC's then get in a fight over who's car they are going to take to the Asylum. They decided to take both. Thing is, BOTH of the cars are stolen. The Police Cruiser was stolen when the cop moved from the force to the Hoffman Institute. The 2001 Chevy is obviously stolen, hence the fact that it is owned by a thief.

I asked them if they wanted to park in the parking lot a block away, or up front. They both chose up front, which happens to be a no parking zone. When the thief comes out, he gives himself a paper cut and screams in horrible pain "Oh My God! I Got A Huge Cut!". He actually did this INTENTIONALLY. When the Ghost Adventure crew came out with a first aid kit, the cop yelled. "You Are Such An Idiot!!".   

The Ghost Adventure people are of course, skeptical about these people that came saying they are professionals. When everyone was inside, the Ghost Adventure people told them that the EMP's were not going off, and the ghost was standing in front of them (OK so floating I guess). The crew got attacked, ran back, and called the PC's in.

The room the crew got attacked in was room 219. The PC's wanted to go back to room 219 and investigate it. They were on their way when the ghost attacked with its double axes. Now the rules I made for this ghost were that it had two attacks, each one does one soul damage. Soul damage is something I made just for this campaign. It's pretty much just paranormal damage that doesn't really hurt you. Each hit knocks you up one point on the skill table. If you go up to the point where you're taking a +3d20 to any skill check, you get knocked out, and wake up a couple minutes later with some paranormal effect. White streaks in your hair, always feeling chilly, or animals absolutely hating you.

One of the PC's got knocked out by soul damage, and the other had to drag him back. When the cop (the conscious one) tells the Ghost Adventures people what happened, they call the PC's bosses and file a complaint. When the cop wants to leave because he does not like this mission, they attempt to call their boss again. The cop then arrests the dude for trying to lie to their boss.

Cops pull up out front and they put some tickets on the cars for parking in a no parking zone. The cop goes down there to see the tickets. He gets arrested for stealing police property, false arrest, and arresting without police authority. The cop player is no longer a cop in case I didn't say before.

There is more to this story which I will post later. Stay tuned for part 2!

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