Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Cops Arrive

Hello and welcome back everybody, still a lot to do about posting session 2, but first I want to tell you about what I call session 1.5. This session, only the thief is playing, and goes on his own side mission of sorts.

It starts off with him in his apartment building. it was after lunch, so everything is very noisy. But, this time people are slamming their doors and asking "Who is it?" or "Why are you here this time?".
After a little bit of this, some people knock on the door and yell,  "Open up! Police!". The cops come in and say he is under arrest for; endangering the elderly, involuntary manslaughter, and wasting police time.

Instead of going peacefully, he slams the door on them. When they break down the door, he jumps out of the window. As he is falling, he uses his grapnel gun  to safely make it to the next building, and roll into one of their windows.

The office building he broke into starts to panic. He pulls out his revolver with only 4 rounds in it, and says for nobody to call he cops. They all panic, screaming that it's a hostage situation. He says it's not and walks into an elevator on the other side of the building or room or whatever. Inside there is another person that thinks it's a hostage situation. The thief explains it's not and uses a grate to get on top of the elevator.

The cops walk into the elevator and find him up there. They move the elevator up until he surrenders. He stops the elevator using the STOP button, and the SWAT open the door, put cuffs on him, and take him to a window, where there is a helicopter waiting to pick him up.

He jumps out, cuts his handcuffs on the helicopter blade(amazingly) and starts freefalling again. He (once again) used his grapnel gun to get on top of a building. He runs across the roof, and jumps into an ally, trying to grapnel up to the next building in mid-air.

It turns out he's out of line, and is falling fast. He tries to slow/stop himself by laying across the ally so he is touching each building. The result is broken elbows. He splatters on the ground, still only half dead, but dying fast. His boss ends up coming over saying that the Hoffman Institute requires him to be liquidized. The boss stomps on  his head. He is now dead.

So that was the death of the Thief, and session 2 will be all new exciting characters! What will these people encounter next! Stay tuned for Session 2, and I hope you liked this little side adventure!

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